PBMR Labs Ukraine

    At the present time PBMR Labs has a staff which consists of 51 employees, 11 of whom have PhDs. Alongside with the staff members; the Company actively collaborates with the research groups and individuals from the Higher Schools, Research and Branch Institutions. PBMR Labs has over 750 square meters of active laboratory space.

    PBMR Labs is a supplier of compounds for screening and building-blocks for medical chemists all over the world. Along with our compound collection we have the ability to manufacture custom synthesis orders PBMR Labs also conducts independent research for biologically active compounds.  By partnership at every level we hold to our main principle of strict execution of commitments. A big part of our success results from the collaborated efforts of all of our scientists worldwide.

    Ever since PBMR Labs has existed, our scientists have synthesized 50 000 new interesting organic compounds which have been found to be an interest for pharmaceutical, medical and chemical enterprises worldwide.

    PBMR Labs Ukraine would like to offer you Screening Express library as part of own unique screening collection. Screening Express library comprises around 14 000 compounds. All compounds are stored in Kiev, analyzed and ready for immediate shipping. These compounds based on unique scaffolds and can be supplied PBMR Labs only. Over 75% of compounds are small molecules (MW < 350) and can be used in fragment base drug discovery. Purity of all compounds is more 90% by NMR and/or LCMS. Analytical data available by request as PDF files. For all screening compounds orders till the end of 2014 we propose you special discounted price. Read more.